Duro Tire gives battle-tested quality to Team FCR through sponsorship

Team FCR has the pleasure of riding on over 70 years of technology and engineering through the sponsorship Duro Tire granted.

Since 1945, Duro Tire has been making tires designed and manufactured to the highest safety standards, while outlasting wear and tear for long life and maximum use.

Duro produces a wide range of tires, including passenger cars and light truck tires, bias and radial trailer tires, ATV/UTV tires, motorcycle and scooter tires, golf cart tires, lawn and garden tires, forklift and skid steer tires and bicycle tires.

Duro has committed to providing an affordable product across all of its product lines without sacrificing quality to give its customers the best of both worlds.

With an international foothold, Duro’s operations span the globe offering value to its partners and markets.

Duro Tire has built and empire on proven excellence. For more information on Duro Tire visit its website.

Ridding on Duro Tires through the 2016 GNCC season, Team FCR feels impervious to the perils the scheduled venues offer.57402


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