Uni Filter helps Team FCR brave dire conditions with race-tested performance

Sponsoring Team FCR for the 2016 Grand National Cross Country season, Uni Filter offers the ability to optimize performance in even the most brutal race conditions.

Uni has been the favored air filter of all serious offroaders for decades because of its resistance in dirty, dusty environments as air filtration is extremely critical to the performance and protection of the engine. The Uni Air Filter’s ability to hold extreme amounts of dirt and still provide excellent air flow and performance has made it the ideal choice for powersports competitors.

In 1971, Uni entered the air filtration industry, choosing to manufacture its product using polyurethane foam as the air filtration media because of its superior dirt capturing abilities.

Uni Filter launched a dependable product line that offers the most efficient technology to maximize air circulation and now covers virtually all popular dirt bikes, street bikes and ATVs.

For more information on Uni Filter and the development of the polyurethane foam engineering visit its website.

Team FCR couldn’t be more excited to be on board with the respected and proven off-road staple and greatly appreciates Uni Filter’s efforts in ensuring its buggies are outfitted with the best in the business!



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